SaleHoo Wholesale and Drop Shipper Directory – One of the Keys to Your Online Business Success

For an online business to become a success in the e-commerce industry, three main factors must be in consideration; the products in which you want to sell, the prices of these products and the wholesale supplier. Out of the three factors, the most important one is the wholesale supplier.

The wholesale drop shipper really holds the key to the success of your on line business. Because if your supplier or distributor is not a reliable one, then your customers will not be happy and the probability of a repeat business with them will be very low indeed. And repeat businesses is what generates an income for any business. It takes less effort and time to market an old customer than a new one so retaining your customers is a must in the selling industry.

The way the wholesale drop shipping and retailing works is very simple. Sellers make money by retailing wholesale products at retail prices. The margin from wholesale to retail cost is the income for the retailers. So if you get the best bargains for the best products, you will have a good income. It is so simple when put into words but is it in action? It is if you are hooked up with the right supplier. And the only way you will find a right wholesale supplier is if you go to a reliable and trustworthy online directory source like SaleHoo.

SaleHoo’s wholesale and drop shippers are all verified by it community members and staff. It has over 60,000 members and the current listing of drop shippers and wholesalers come up to 8,000. SaleHoo’s listing is constantly updated. So you only get the latest and current information about the wholesalers and drop shippers enlisted there. Information about the products in demand, the best prices and the best wholesalers can be found in SaleHoo. First hand feedbacks from the members with first hand transactions with the wholesalers in SaleHoo are given. Members of the SaleHoo community can exchange ideas, experiences and give each other advice about their business.

SaleHoo is not just for eBay power sellers but also for those that are just starting out a business. So why not join SaleHoo today for a better business opportunity for your future.

Top 5 Reasons Why SaleHoo Gives Your Online Business the Right Choice of Wholesaler Drop Shippers

Searching for the right wholesaler or drop shipper in the e-commerce industry can be a tiring job. When you type the words drop shippers or wholesalers in the web’s search engines, you will usually get thousands of listed articles and websites just for one keyword use. So if you are planning to start your own online business, it will be a struggle to organize everything and get things into prospective.

As if designing your website which will take so much of your effort and time not be enough to make your forehead creased, but finding the right wholesaler and drop shipper amongst the chaos of your busy schedule will add up to near breaking point. But do not fret. There are ways in which to find the right wholesaler and drops shipper for your business. All you need is careful planning of what your business strategies are and sticking to your business plan.

This is where online directories come in handy. They will provide you with the listings of many wholesalers and drop ship distributors available for kind of products you need for your business. But then again, which one to choose? You can always try the reputable ones like SaleHoo online directory. SaleHoo is a very credible online directory that provides not only a database of wholesalers and drop shippers, it is also a community of retailers, sellers and online business people. Most eBay power sellers go to SaleHoo for their wholesale drop shippers need.

The reason why so many are attracted to use SaleHoo is because of the following;

1. SaleHoo is not just a database but a community where small, big and power seller businesses can talk to each other and give advice and feed back about products service and prices of the wholesalers and drop shippers enlisted there.

2. All of SaleHoo’s wholesalers and drop shippers are verified by one of its community members and or its staff. So all of them you can be sure are legitimate suppliers.

3. Live support team are ready to assist you anytime that you need it.

4. There are over 8,000 accredited wholesalers and drop shippers in SaleHoo. If this is not enough of variety for your business then you will be hard to find another online directory.

5. There are over 60,000 members using SaleHoo. So it will always be a learning experience when you visit.

It may not always be stated, but SaleHoo has been a part of the success behind wholesalers and retailers businesses alike.